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Designed with your health in mind

Although we produced our first undergarment and sleepwear collection couple years back, the idea came to me several years earlier. My aging parents and also me reaching the 40 year milestone started me thinking about a new idea; that of dressing for health. What about making high quality, innovative, delicate, base layer clothing designed with people’s health and comfort needs in mind.

With 20 years of experience in global product design, primarily in beauty and cosmetics, I had seen huge progress and innovation in fabrics used by the sport industry. However, I realized that these were not particularly suited to all day wear. In addition there were hundreds of brands focusing on fashionable looks combined with comfort. I realised that what people could really benefit from is a combination of both; functional clothes tailored to a healthy lifestyle with a luxurious feel and comfort.

And so the Treat Wear quest began. 

I became obsessed by the idea of developing a brand with a focus on delivering health benefits. I created a team around my family and passionate people. First we conducted a global search for optimal fabrics, identified consumers' primary health needs while ensuring they met our strict requirements that they also have a delicate, comfortable feel and superb skin touch.

We started our journey with a launch of 3 collections: our Hydrate Collection to keep your dry and sensitive skin better hydrated, our Protect Collection to care sensitive body zones such as bladder, kidneys, back and lastly our Sleep Collection designed with various thermo needs in mind. We believe that our journey is just beginning as we continue to seek out new and innovative ways in which we can incorporate health and pleasure into our clothing ...

Pavel, Helena, Bertram & Oliver
Your functional luxury team