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CHITOSAN - Spaghetti Top

Hydration and rejuvenating effect

653 Kč

  • Black

- Innovative chemise made of special organic Tencel with Chitosan.
- Chitosan reduces the loss of hydration in the skin and regenerates.
- Limited edition.

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CHITOSAN - Spaghetti Top

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Do you long for healthy beautiful skin?

We have for you a limited edition lingerie made of botanical Tencel fibre with the addition of marine skincare complex Chitosan, which has been proven to reduce the loss of hydration in the skin and has rejuvenating effects.

Chitosan is extracted from the shells of marine crustaceans and mussels. It is a non-absorbable polysaccharide containing Chitin, which can bind, for example, heavy metals or fat.

It has found applications in many sectors, from industry to healthcare, and in Japan, for example, the binding abilities of Chitosan have been exploited for over 100 years. The idea was conceived while looking for a use for leftover shellfish shells from the food industry that were not allowed back into the sea, so Chitosan production is also environmentally friendly.

Now it can also be found in various forms in cosmetics and food supplements. Chitosan also has a positive effect on the skin by keeping it optimally hydrated and helping it to regenerate, which is why it is now also used in fine textiles, for example as an additive in Tencel.

Your functional luxury for every day.
Designed with your health in mind.

Made from organic Tencel C with Chitosan:
- Keeps skin hydrated
- Allows skin to breathe freely
- Very sensitive to skin
- Incredibly soft and comfortable

- 47% Tencel Chitosan
- 47% Tencel
- 6% Elastane

Do not use fabric softener!

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