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  • White

• Comfortable, soft nightie not only for good night sleep
• Structured cotton with nice touch
• Suitable for all seasons
• Nightie length 106-112cm (S-XL)

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The quality of our sleep depends on many factors, such as room air temperature and mattrass quality. The quality of sleepwear can play an equally important role. Each of us is different, some of us tend to feel cold all the time, some are always hot or suffer from hot flushes, others have dry, sensitive, itchy skin.

Treat Wear SLEEP collection helps you to have healthy and calm sleep. 

Each of our designs is made with your health in mind; there are 3 lines.

Nightie great for every season. Made of structured cotton with soft touch, which is great not only for a good healthy sleep, but also as lounge wear for all day.

Keeps skin hydrated and healthy. Perfect for people with dry, sensitive or itchy skin. Made of unique fabric that keeps your skin moisturised and lets skin breath naturally. Soft, gentle and caring fabric.

Allows your skin to breathe naturally and brings heat and sweat away from your skin. Perfect for women who tend to too hot, experience hot flushes and sweating (e.g. during menopause), or suitable for everyone in summer time with a ultra light, soft and highly refreshing touch.

With a warm and cozy feel. Perfect for people who tend to feel cold and prefer a warmer touch. Made of a unique fabric that keeps you warm, but fabric is still light and very comfortable to the touch.

Functional luxury
Designed with your health in mind

Designed and made of structured comforable cotton.Made with love from 
Great for healthy sleep and also for all day relaxation

• 78% Cotton
• 19% Polyamide
• 3%   Elastane


Shipping and Delivery
Treat Wear delivers products with established global partner UPS. Shipping rates are quoted at the checkout page and varies by country and type of shipment selected. We offer free shipment if your purchase reaches the amount stated in the shopping basket.

Treat Wear products are covered by a 2 year warranty. This warranty covers faults in materials and workmanship and doesn't apply if damage is caused by unreasonable use or neglect, normal wear and tear or if you just change your mind.

Return Policy
Treat Wear assists with easy returns to make sure you're happy with your purchase. Our products all have a 2 year warranty, so if anything isn't as it should be get in touch and we'll sort out an exchange or refund straight away. If you've made an error in purchasing, don't hesitate to ask our team for advice.

If any questions, please reach us via contact page or send through an email to